If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t also be the tastiest. In search of something warm and toasty for breakfast, I go to the place that serves arguably the best lunch sandwiches in the city. That, of course, is Caffe Mauro.

The prosciutto bocconcini and chicken Parmigiana sandwiches set the gold standard for mid-day fare, but early in the morning, I opt for the poached egg in tomato sauce ($6.25). This is miles above the usual egg-on-toast platter. The tasty, spicy sauce gives me the jolt I need in the morning. The yolk is poached to perfection — it’s slow-motion runny, like molasses on a cold day. And, Caffe Mauro’s toasty bread is what we expect from an eatery that serves top-notch sandwiches. Combined with their excellent cappuccino, I’ve just started the day on the right foot.

Frank Litoco

Caffe Mauro
999 8th Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
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