Dear Santa,

I would like the Cuisinart Stand Mixer with the 800W motor and 12 mixing speeds including fold function….

It’s almost Christmas Eve, so it’s time to bake the cookies for the big man in red. At our house, Santa usually gets snickerdoodles (a light cinnamon sugar cookie) but this year we’re branching out.

I belong to a cookie recipe club. The group’s last recipe of the year was chocolate peppermint pinwheels. Sounds tailor-made for St. Nick, so off I go.

The best thing about this recipe is that if you have leftover peppermint candy canes lying around the house (and who doesn’t) you can use them cookie filling. Vent your holiday frustrations as you whack those candy sticks with a rolling pin!

The dough is your typical no-egg, vegetable oil, sugar and flour recipe split into two equal portions. Add cocoa powder to make the chocolate half and peppermint extract to make the peppermint half. After rolling both the dough portions out, sandwich the candy bits between them and roll the whole thing up. Slice into circles of yumminess.

Not only are these pretty to look at next to your tree, they also taste great.

Alana Marchetto


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