Candles not included.

The Chocolate Obsession cake from Decadent Desserts is a staple at every one of my kid's birthday parties. It's neither Nickelodeon-themed nor decorated with assorted cartoon characters (at least at the time it's picked up at the cake shop!), but what you do get are light and dark layers of smooth chocolate mousse sandwiched between moist chocolate cake and topped off by a semi-gooey ganache. The varying densities and textures of the three chocolatey components enhance the sensory appeal and keep the cake from being a brick of chocolate overload.

This treat, sweet but not excessively so, beats the living hell out of any brightly coloured, sugar-frosted product from a chain grocer's bakery, and the unclaimed portion (if any) never ends up drying out in the fridge waiting to be thrown out two weeks later. Fifty-plus bucks for a 10-inch round may seem like a splurge, but price out a themed cake at a big-box grocer, and it becomes pretty reasonable.


Decadent Desserts
831 10 Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
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