Everyone's got their favourite Vietnamese restaurant in town for one reason or another, but for me, whenever I get a craving for Vietnamese food — and for phở in particular — the 55B (with pork and rice noodles) is all I need to make a beeline to Golden Bell Saigon and spurn the other establishments.

The long-form menu description of this phở variant is “charbroiled pork, beef or chicken in satay rice or egg noodle soup” ($10.25). I favour the pork because it carries the charbroiled flavour within the soup better than the other two protein options. And given that the broth is already steeped with peanutty and spicy tones (not to mention the usual garnishes of lime, Asian basil and bean sprouts), the melding of flavours is nothing short of amazing.

The phở purists can cling to the simplicity of their beef brisket / tripe / tendon in clear beef broth. Me? It's gotta be the rich complexity and brightness of item 55B.


Golden Bell Saigon
1112 17 Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
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