A freelance writer whose food stories have appeared in Avenue magazine, Calgary food blogger and friend-of-Slop Anh Chu launched I Came for the Food in August 2010. Aside from beefing up her writing portfolio, she wanted to broaden the local food-blog horizon. “There were no food bloggers who specifically covered cheap meals for real people,” says Chu, pictured above, right, taking high tea with comedian Joanne Lau. “All the same restaurants with PR expertise seemed to be getting all the press, which seemed unfair given the hidden gems in Calgary.” Also, she says, “I just love food.” Chu’s buttery prose soon landed her a weeklong gig on A-Channel’s Big Breakfast Best Burger segment. As blogs, go, I Came for the Food was high-profile. However, a short time ago, Chu up and moved to London, England, leaving her blog in apparent limbo. Slop recently contacted Chu in London demanding to know its fate.

Calgary Slop: Now that you've moved to England,
what's the fate of I Came for the Food?

Anh Chu: I have a few ideas for the blog, but they haven't been executed yet. Settling in to a new country, getting sick twice in as many months, not to mention an unfavourable conversion-rate, are but a few factors that have resulted in a lack of posts of late!

I have a backlog of Calgary restaurant reviews I still intend to post, and I also plan on blogging about food in London. When I began the blog, I knew it wouldn't always be Calgary-specific so I named it with that in mind. It will still be I Came For the Food. And truly, I travel a lot of places just for the food.

I may also broaden the scope of my posts, so it's not so review or location-specific, but speaks to the universality of food and how it acts as a bridge to bring people together. The fact that meals are not merely about eating fascinates me. All this said, the blog is constantly a work-in-progress.

Living in London has given me a greater appreciation for Calgary's quality restaurants and burgeoning scene. It makes sense to blog about the food culture, "oddities" and trends here as well. I am also still doing some magazine writing about food trends in Canada.

The culinary world is so exciting. I am constantly hungry, and my mind is on food about 80 per cent of the time. We all gotta eat and consumers are getting more and more sophisticated in all things food-related. I wish my blog could be all the things I envision in my head... it's just tough to find enough hours in the day. It's a labour of love for sure.

Ian Doig


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