Right in the middle of the 17th Avenue strip, but a million miles from Squaresville, it was only a matter of time until the world discovered Tubby Dog. Or at least until the national cable food channel came calling. Filming for the Tubby Dog segment of The Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here wrapped up today, as wiener-craving clientele mingled with film crew types under the watchful eye of proprietor Jon Truch.

I popped in to rubberneck and nom down on a Smokey Smith ($8.50), pictured here. Bacon-wrapped and topped with mustard, ketchup, Dutch mayonnaise, pan-seared onions and American cheddar, it was a gizzardful for sure.

Also pictured, Rick and Cody each tear into a classic Tubby Dog. “We were bummed when they weren’t open,” said Rick. The place was shuttered for two days during filming. “Forced” to eat at Tim Hortons for two days, Rick describes the substitute as “a real letdown.”

Following an on-camera chow-down, CJSW station manager and hotdog lover Chad Saunders mugs it up with a familiar face at the front counter.

Asked to pose for a Slop shot, the ironically camera-shy Truch punched this reporter super hard in the solar plexus, then hugged me like a mother gorilla with child. Superstardom hasn't changed our Jon one bit.

Ian Doig

Tubby Dog
1022 17 Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
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Anonymous said... @ February 9, 2012 at 5:58 PM

Do you know when this episode will air? It will be a must see.

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